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April 2019

Seven Questions For Lent- “Can You Do The Hard Thing?” Mark 10:35-45

Behold The Tree-Planted By The River Of Water. Psalm 1

March 2019

Seven Questions for Lent – “Do We Live By The Truth?” – John 3:14-21

Behold The Tree-Jonah’s Withered Plant. Jonah 3:3-5, 10, 4:1-11

Seven Questions For Lent – What Do You Expect From Jesus? John 2:13-22

Behold The Tree-The Burning Bush. Exodus 3:1-12

Seven Questions for Lent – “Who Do They Say I Am?” – Luke 9:18-27

“Behold The Tree – The Oaks at Mamre” Genesis 18:1-14

Seven Questions for Lent – “How Can I Overcome Temptation” – Genesis 3:1-21

Behold The Tree – “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” – Genesis 3:1-19