Some experts claim that musical instruments, like grand pianos, stay in better condition when played than when they are stored unused.  The strings do not become brittle as quickly.  The wood stays more sensitive to sounds when the piano is played.

As for the talents and gifts that God gives to each of us, I believe it could be reasonably said that we either use them or lose them in time.  The great Polish pianist Ignace Paderewski was quoted as saying, “When I don’t practice for one day, I notice it.  When not in two days, my friends notice it.  When not for three days, everyone does.”

God has given each of us personal gifts and skills – if not musical talents, then perhaps mechanical (something I definitely have not been gifted with).  If it is not for painting pictures or writing poetry, then perhaps it is a gift to speak openly with others and be very outgoing.

In addition to the natural talents, God has given each of us spiritual gifts.  Some gifts of the Holy Spirit once given to early Christians we don’t see quite as much (at least, not as obviously) in the Christian community.  Miraculous healing would be one of these.  But other spiritual gifts are shared among us as God wills it.  This would include comforting, counseling, encouraging, teaching, expressing faith through friendships, and the like.  Paul explained this in 1 Corinthians 12:4 in this way, “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.”

So, whether we speak of natural talents or of spiritual gifts, a good principle to follow is this.  Use these gifts to the glory of God and for the well-being of others and ourselves.  By using them, we keep them “fresh” and active.  By “spending” them, we enhance them.

As followers of Jesus, we have every motivation for using these gifts.  This shows our appreciation for what God has done for us.  The Father “thought” (planned) our salvation back in eternity.  The Son, Jesus, “wrought” it on the cross.  The Holy Spirit “brought” it into our hearts through the Gospel.  We say our “thank you” to God when we serve Him and those whom He puts into our lives with our gifts,


From one who strives to share the gifts God has blessed me with,

Pastor Steve