Humor is a healing gift from the Lord.  To laugh means to turn over our lives to the Lord’s hands.  “Lord, I’m in trouble without You.  Please help me.”  A joy-filled laughter focuses our lives on the blessings that God brings us.  Laughter is of great value because it allows us to take our eyes off ourselves, our challenges, and our struggles, and to focus on God’s goodness.

This is not something we quickly see alive and well in the world around us.  Humor can be misused, like all other gifts.  But humor and laughter that is focused in Christ points us to the cross and the resurrection.  It shows us how human we are and how lost in sin we are without the saving action of Jesus.

Life is about staggering onward, rejoicing in the Lord.  The power of the Holy Spirit allows us to see life as a gift, despite our shortcomings and problems, because we view life through the cross and the resurrection.  Health and healing are “salvation” words.  So often, salvation is seen as “other worldly only.”  It is viewed as something that happens after this life and has nothing to do with the here and now.

But salvation in Jesus is about human wholeness and about celebrating that wholeness in Christ with others.  Jesus reestablished this wholeness that was broken, disrupted, and disintegrated.  The Gospel promises healing and health, right now, in Jesus.  We are not saved because we celebrate life and can laugh out loud.  We celebrate and can laugh out loud because we are saved in Jesus.  Where two or three are gathered in Christ’s name, it’s the time and the place for a celebration.

During the summer months, these Thoughts From Pastor Steve will focus on the power of laughter, humor and (for a lack of a better way to put it) “holy hilarity” in our lives.  As children of the Lord, we can celebrate the reality that we have been set apart to live life to the fullest.  We laugh in joy with the Lord for what He has done, and continues to do, for us.


From one who sees God’s hand at work in humor,

Pastor Steve